From: Another Day

‘Brad’s late today, isn’t he Vivien? Perhaps he’s overslept. He says I should bring in a CD; you’d like some music wouldn’t you? Maybe Dusty Springfield or perhaps um, what’s his name, you know, the Irish bloke who left Ireland under some sort of cloud – you went to see the film and loved it, ohhh, can’t remember. Anyway, I’ll bring something in. Hear My Song, that’s it. You could come and stay with us for a bit when you come out. Emily would love that. Her cool grandmother staying. I would too. The Vogue team sent a ginormous bouquet, stunning it is, white and cerise peonies. Must have cost a pretty penny. I’ve put it on the bureau in the sitting room. And a basket of exotic fruit. Had some pineapple last night, deliciously ripe – you never know, do you, till you start cutting it up.’

So quiet in here this morning, like a morgue. Wonder what’s wrong with that new chap by the door, no drips or wires or pumps. Heart attack maybe, but then he’d be on a machine. Here he is.

‘Morning Brad, thought you might not be in today.’

‘G’day Anna, how ya doing? Training session since eight, Sister yabbering on about health and safety. Mind you, treated us to brekkie. Well — tea and Jaffa cakes.’

‘I’m fine thanks. There doesn’t seem to be much change, that’s good right? I think she might be a bit puffier though, what do you think?’

‘Let’s have a gander… mmm. Did anyone empty the bags recently?’

‘Yes, about, er, half an hour ago I think.’

‘No worries, I’ll do it again. Hi there Vivien, it’s your gorgeous Aussie hunk back again. Did ya miss me? I’m just gonna roll you over, Okey dokey… That’s better. Right, now let’s make you a bit more comfortable. Anna, why don’t you go and get a cuppa while I tidy Mum up a bit.’

‘Okay. See you later Vivien, I’ll get a paper and we’ll have a go at the crossword.’